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Combat Task Force 121

Cheat mode:
Press "~" during game play to display the console window. Enter 
one of the following codes to activate the correspond cheat 

Effect                                  Code 
Freeze current screen for 
indicated amount of time                freezeframe <seconds> 
Teleport to targeting reticule          teleport  
Scale player size; "2" is default       changesize <number>
Breathe underwater for 999999 
seconds                                 amphibious  
Flight mode                             fly  
Disable flight and no clipping 
modes                                   walk  
No clipping mode                        ghost  
Maximum ammunition for all weapons      allammo  
Unlimited ammunition clips for 
all guns                                infiniteammo  
Toggle God mode                         god  
Return to life when killed              reincarnate  
Set gravity value                       setgravity <number>  
Set game speed                          setspeed <number>  
All weapons will maximum 
ammunition                              loaded  
All weapons                             allweapons  

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