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Colin McRae Rally

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding 
cheat function.

Effect                                  Code
All tracks                              FREEWAY  
Bonus cars                              LOTTOWIN  
Concept car                             HIPPO 
Custom replay                           SPECIALED  
Double power                            BIGGUNS  
Fog mode                                WHITEOUT 
Four wheel steering                     ALLWHEELS  
Green jelly car                         ALIENGOO  
Hover mode                              DELOREAN  
Low gravity                             GIANTLEAP  
Micro Machines mode                     BORROWERS  
Mirror tracks                           ONTHEWALL  
Nicky Grist has high pitched voice      CHOIRBOY  
View credits during demo                XCREDITSX  
Night tracks                            DARKSIDE  
Rear wheel steering                     TURNBACK  
Reversed tracks                         BACKAGAIN  
Secret track                            INTHECLOUDS  
Secret track                            QUARRYVILLE  
Secret track                            TROLLEYPARK  
Secret track                            WILDAYWORLD  
Tap keys to accelerate                  PRESSFAST  
Toyota Celica GT4                       BEEFCAKE  
Turbo boost                             ROCKETMAN  
Nicky Grist drives                      PASSEDOUT

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