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Championship Manager 2

Exit without saving:

You could not exit without saving until now. If you press asterix
(*) on the numeric pad the game will exit safely, thus giving you
another chance to win that all important game! 

Fast Games:

Bored of waiting? Only have a limited amount of time to play? Well,
here's how to speed up your game. Press the space bar at any time
during the game, as long as there isn't any commentry on the screen
at the time. You will need to do this at the start of the second
half as well. 

Free Players:

For free players, you put in a bid for the player you want, and put
it high enough so the club automatically accepts the offer. Now go
to the ADJUST OFFER screen, change the offer to 0 and press CANCEL.
The player you selected will be yours for nothing. 

Manage International teams:

To do this code you need to know the managers of various
international teams. Go to add more managers and click on a home
international team. Enter your name as the manager of any team, for
example Glenn Hoddle for England, or Craig Brown for Scotland. 
Submitted by Tom Beecroft ([email protected])

Play as England:

To access the English team, enter your name as "Terry Venables". 

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