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Cheat mode:

 Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the
 corresponding cheat function.

Effect                       Code

God mode                                mpkfa
View frame rate                         mpfps 
View coordinates                        mppos 
View elapsed time                       mpstopwatch 
Claw becomes a ghost                    mpspooky 
Enemies become ghosts                   mphaunted 
Claw becomes weaker                     mpwimpy 
Claw becomes stronger                   mpbunz 
Enable Monolith logos
and music                               mplith, mpmonolith, or mplogo
Unlimited lives                         mpplayallday 
Super jump                              mpjordan 
Super throw                             mpsuperthrow 
Full ammo                               mploaded 
Full health                             mpapple 
Invisibility                            mpcasper 
Ice sword                               mppenguin 
Lightning sword                         mpfranklin 
Fire sword                              mphotstuff 
Catnip mode                             mpfreak 
Full magic                              mpgandalf 
Display object count                    mpobjects 
Toggle object, frame
rate, position, and
time displays                           mpnoinfo
Toggle Moongoodies                      mpmoongoodies 
Shadow mode                             mpshadow 
Toggle back display plane               mpbotless 
Toggle middle display plane             mpmidless 
Toggle top display plane                mptopless 
Increase resolution                     mpincvid 
Decrease resolution                     mpdecvid 
Default resolution                      mpdefvid 
320x200 resolution                      mpjazzy 
"Brian L. Goble" message                mpgoble or mpscorpio 
View developers' heads as
treasure                                mpdevheads 
Full dynamite                           mpblaster

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