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Civilization 3

Unlimited Cash: (Submitted by: Matt)
There is a glitch in the game that occurs when you have almost completley 
taken out another civilization through war (this can only be done through 
fighting, and when your playing against computer. I'm not sure if it works 
any other way). When you get your opponent to his last city sign a peace treaty 
with him. Select gold per turn and put in 999999999999999999999999999 or type 
it in as much as you can till the box is full. Then ask him for it. Presto 
instant unlimted cash (If he dosen't accept 9999999999999 than go lower for 
example 111111111111111) just make sure that the civilization you signed the 
treaty with does not die or else you lose all your gold per turn. Also when 
you go to war with another civilization and he manages to take one your cities,
your gold will be taken away to get it back retake the city.

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