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Cash Invaders

Cheat mode:
Enter the options screen and select "Cheat Codes". Then, enter 
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat 

Effect                                          Code 
Master code                                     big fat cheater  
Unlimited ammunition for any 
power-up you buy                                endless supply 
More firepower, fast auto-fire for 
every weapon                                    triggerhappy 
Display accuracy                                bullseye  
Power-ups cost nothing                          credit check  
Start with 99 ships                             starfleet  
Level select                                    jump to level <number>  
Practice bonus rounds                           target practice  
All enemies are snipers, extra hard mode        sitting duck 
Space Invaders style, stick to one level        back to the roots 
No cash, invaders do not drop coins             keep the change 

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