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Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now

Cheat Codes:

Enter these codes while playing.

BIGDANGLE - Mutant Tail Thing 
FASTBAST - Turbo Peds 
GOODHEAD - Pedestrians With Stupid Heads 
LEMMINGIZE - Stupid Pedestrians 
MOONINGMINNIE - Lunar Gravity 
MRMAINWARING - Pedestrian Panic 
POWPOW - Opponent Repulsificator 
SMARTBASTARD - Completes The Race 
STICKYTYRES - Wall Climber 
STIFFSPASMS - Mutant Corpses 
STOPSNATCH - Timer Toggle 
TILTY - Pinball Mode 
TIMMYTITTY - Time Bonus 
TINGTING - Free Repairs 
WATERSPORT - Underwater Ability 
WETWET - Credit Bonus 
WOTATWATAMI - Greased Tyres 
ZAZAZ - Pedestrian Annihilator 

Door Cheat:

During the game, if there are a bunch of peds, press shift then
enter and you will open your doors and kill them (press enter
again and you will close the doors and you will have to just hit
enter any other time). 

More Money and Time:

Here is a cheat for people who would like to have more money, more
time,...and some other goodies. First open your explorer and go to
the directory where you have installed Carmageddon 2. Next open
the directory: "Data\Peds" . In the directory "Peds" you can open
the text file SETTINGS.TXT

In this text file you can change most of the settings; eg. the
money and time you get per object you kill.

All the settings are explained nicely, and there is no danger
changing these settings, just read what is placed after the
// -sign.

Before you change the settings, please make a backup file of the
text file. 

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