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Captain Claw

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate 
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                          Code 
Full health                                     mpapple  
Enable anti-death tile                          mparmor  
Full dynamite                                   mpblaster  
Toggle background                               mpbotless  
Stronger Claw                                   mpbunz  
Invisibility                                    mpcasper  
Decrease screen resolution                      mpdecvid  
Default screen resolution                       mpdefvid  
Developers heads appear instead of treasure     mpdevheads 
View frame rate                                 mpfps  
Lightning sword                                 mpfranklin  
Catnip                                          mpfreak 
Full Magic                                      mpgandalf  
Goble information                               mpgoble  
Turn enemies into ghosts                        mphaunted  
Fire sword                                      mphotstuff  
Increase screen resolution                      mpincvid  
Unlimited lives                                 mpinfinity  
320x200 resolution                              mpjazzy  
Super jump mode                                 mpjordan  
God mode                                        mpkfa 
Monolith logos and music                        mplith 
Full ammunition                                 mploaded  
Full magic                                      mpmerlin  
Toggle middle plane                             mpmidless  
Bouncing treasure                               mpmoongoodies  
Level skip                                      mpnext 
Jump higher                                     mpnippy  
Toggle onscreen information                     mpnoinfo  
Show objects in bottom left corner              mpobjects  
Ice sword                                       mppenguin  
Unlimited lives                                 mpplayallday  
Shows global position                           mppos  
Previous level                                  mpprev  
Full dynamite                                   mppyro  
Full ammo                                       mprambo 
Enable Roids                                    mproids  
Scorpio information                             mpscorpio  
Claw is a shadow                                mpshadow  
Claw is invisible to enemies                    mpspooky  
Time displayed in bottom left corner            mpstopwatch  
Super throw mode                                mpsuperthrow  
View timing data in top left corner             mptiming  
Toggle foreground                               mptopless  
View update data in top left corner             mpupdate  
Invincibility                                   mpvader  
Level skip                                      mpscully  
Advance to the Boss                             mpskinner  
Harder to kill enemies with the sword           mpwimpy 

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