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Caesar II

Free Build:

While playing, go into your forum and exit. Once outside, choose
a building, then click on a blank section of the menu bar. Keep
holding the mouse button drag your cursor to wherever you wish
to build.

BE CAREFUL! After dragging away from the menu bar, every space
your mouse pointer crosses will be filled with the building you
chose (if it fits.)

Note that glitches can occur if you do this. For example, the
circus and circus maximus become halved if the space given can
only hold half. Also a decrease in money might happen if you try
to leave the screen to enter another. To prevent this, just build
something that takes money away.

If you build something with money then do the trick, it will take
away that object and give you your money back. This trick allows
you to get big bucks.

TIP: In the beginning of the level use this trick to fill the
whole screen with gardens. this will increase your land value a

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