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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 5

Cheat mode:
Begin game play, and switch to the wilderness tracking view. 
Press "Ctrl" + "Enter" then type "pbj" and press "Enter" to 
enable cheat mode. To activate the remaining codes, press 
"Ctrl" + "Enter" during game play. Type one of the following 
codes, then press "Enter" to activate the corresponding cheat 

Effect                                          Code 
Full health                                     dandy 
Maximum speed                                   zoom  
Maximum cover                                   casper  
Double inventory                                warhole  
$1,000                                          gimme 
Advance time 15 minutes                         warhol  
Show hunter's location on map as red dot        waldo 
Toggle snow                                     miser 
Toggle rain                                     drought  
Pause time                                      matrix 

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