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Cheat Menu:

Choose the HELP menu, then select ABOUT. Hold Shift and click on
Bug's pupil. A white box will appear. Type "babyseals", then click
on WOW. A new blank menu will appear next to the HELP menu. This
menu includes level select, invincibility and more! 

Flying Bug:

Activate the Cheat Menu, then select the Flying Bug option. To use
it, press and hold Y while playing. 

Kill Sonic:

Go to Reptilia. Use the flying bug cheat and fly around until you
find rocks made into the shape of the word GO. Go to the very
beginning of the word and there should be a track in front of it
with Sonic standing on it. 

Level Skip:

Activate the Cheat Menu. To skip to the next level while playing,
hold the Duck button and press Up. 

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