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Balls of Steel

Hidden Cheats (demo version only):

While you are playing the game, push Print Screen and an alien will
appear on the bottom of the screen asking for a commands. Enter any
of these codes for each trick to work: 

BUCKET               -kickbacks recharged
COUCH POTATO         -video modes ready
EVIL TWIN            -2-ball ready
FREAKSHOW            -extra ball lit
NERF GUN             -super cannon ready
POPCORN              -super pops lit
ROACH MOTEL          -crawler attack lit
T-MINUS 1            -target practice ready
T-MINUS 2            -bug hunt ready
T-MINUS 3            -guard duty ready
T-MINUS 4            -xenophobia ready
T-MINUS 5            -meteor storm ready
T-MINUS 6            -rescue ready
T-MINUS 7            -showdown ready
T-MINUS 8            -final assault ready
TRIPLETS             -3-ball ready
WARP CORE            -powerball enabled

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