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BloodRayne 2

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding 
cheat function. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Effect                                  Code 
All cheats, warp room, debug option     WANT THIS DARK REALITY TAINT QWEEF  
God mode                                UBER TAINT JOAD DURF KWIS  
All powers; must complete game first    BLANK UGLY PUSTULE EATER  
Restore health                          NURTURE HAPPY PUSTULE ERASURE  
Unlimited health and rage; enable 
God mode first                          TERMINAL REALITY SUPER UBER XXX VACATE  
Fill Bloodlust                          NAKED JUGGY RESISTANCE PACY  
Refill ammunition                       WHACK THIS MOLESTED NINJA  
Unlimited ammunition                    UGLY DARK HEATED ORANGE QUAFF  
Unlimited Rage                          PIMP REAP DARK DARK MUSE  
Gratuitous dismemberment                DODGE THIS MOIST PIMP  
Juggy mode                              FAKE BURST CUNNINGLY DISTORTED  
Credit Carnage 1,000 Points             CARGO FIRE IMP KAK  
Credit Gun 1,000 Points                 LATE NUTURE QWEEF SUPER  
All combos                              BONE THIS CURRY VOTE  
All gun modes; must collect all guns 
first                                   WHISKEY FAKE KABLOW SHOOT 
Toggle enemies frozen                   BLUE GREEN PURPLE IMP  
Time factor                             QUANTUM LAMENT DISTORTED DOTING  
Level select                            ANOMALIES ARE JUAN INSULATED  
All FMV sequences                       PENSION REAP SUPER VULGAR  
Overload mode1                          THIS DARK DISTORTED REALITY  
Alternate outfits                       WHACK LICK EROTIC CUNNINGLY  
Slideshows                              ARDENT HUNGRY NAKED NINJA.  

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