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Cheat mode:
Enter the options menu and select "Cheat". Combine the columns 
of words to form one of the following codes. A message will 
appear to confirm correct code entry. Pause game play, then 
enable the cheat from the menu.

Effect                          Code 
God mode                        TRIASSASSINDONTDIE  
Restore health                  LAMEYANKEEDONTFEED  
Fill Bloodlust                  ANGRYXXXINSANEHOOKER  
Time Factor mode                NAKEDNASTYDISHWASHERDANCE  
Level Select                    ONTHELEVEL  
Enemy Freeze                    DONTFARTONOSCAR  
Show Weapons                    SHOWMEMYWEAPONS  
Gratuitous Dismemberment mode   INSANEGIBSMODEGOOD  
Juggy mode                      JUGGYDANCESQUAD  

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