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The Black Cauldron

Debug mode:
Press "Alt + D" during game play to enable debug mode. The version
number and location coordinates will be displayed. The following codes
can now be entered at the command window at the bottom of the screen
to activate the corresponding function.

Effect                                  Code
Assign new value to variable            set var <value>
Change current coordinates              position <x, y>
Obtain all game items                   gimme gimme
Reset indicated flag                    reset flag <name>
Set indicated flag                      set flag <name>
Show indicated flag                     show flag <name>
Show indicated variable                 show var <name>
Show priorities                         show priority
Teleport                                tp <code number>

Select object to obtain                 get object <code number>

Object code numbers:
Code    Object
1       Knapsack
2       Corn
3       Gruel
4       Food Wallet
5       Bread
6       Water Flask
7       Water
8       Apple
9       Cookies
10      Rope
11      Dagger
12      Magic Sword
13      Harp
14      Lute
15      Flying Dust
16      Keys
17      Tin Cup
18      Magic Word
19      Magic Mirror
20      Book of Knowledge
21      Pot of Gold
22      Hero Shield
23      Suit of Armor
24      Bread
25      Bread

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