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Battlefield 2

Console Functions:
Press ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following 
console commands on a server to activate the corresponding functions. 

Effect                                          Code 
List map ID number, name, mode, and number of 
players                                         mapList.list 
Set path to "_mapList.con" file                 mapList.configFile 
Reload "_mapList.con" file                      mapList.load  
Save current map list to "_mapList.con" file 
Show total number of maps in current map list   mapList.mapCount 
Show the map list ID number of current map      mapList.currentMap 
Clear current map list                          mapList.clear  
Remove specified map from map list              mapList.remove <name>
List players connected                          admin.listPlayers  
End round and start next map on map list        admin.runNextLevel 
View map list ID number for current map         admin.currentLevel 
View map list ID number for the next map to be 
played                                          admin.nextLevel 
Restart current map                             admin.restartMap  
Ban indicated player by ID;                     admin.banPlayer <id number>
Ban indicated player by CD key hash;            admin.banPlayerKey <key hash>
Ban indicated player by IP address;             admin.addAddressToBanList
                                                <ip address> <timeout>  
Ban CD key hash;                                admin.addKeyToBanList 
                                                <key hash> <timeout>  
Remove indicated IP address from ban list       admin.removeAddressFromBanList 
                                                <ip address>  
Remove indicated CD key hash from ban list      admin.removeKeyFromBanList 
                                                <key hash>  
Clear all ban lists.                            admin.clearBanList  
List banned IP addresses                        admin.listBannedAddresses  
List banned CD keys                             admin.listBannedKeys  
Kick indicated player                           admin.kickPlayer <ID number>  
Toggle frame rate display                       renderer.drawfps <0 or 1>   
Bots cheat                                      aiCheats.code BotsCanCheatToo  
Invincibility                                   aiCheats.code 
Kill bots                                       aiCheats.code 
Kill enemy bots                                 aiCheats.code 
New spawn location                              aiCheats.code 
Record current game as demo in \mods\bf2\demos 
folder                                          demo.recordDemo <filename>  
Stop current demo recording                     demo.stopRecording  
Toggle pausing the game                         gameLogic.togglePause  
Toggle HUD                                      renderer.drawHud <0 or 1>  
Toggle access to in-game console                renderer.drawConsole <0 or 1>  

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