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Ace Ventura (Walkthrough)

  1. After the game starts, the intro begins to play.
     When Ace is on the ledge, the cursor becomes
     active,and you can click around.
  2. Use the bungee cord from Ace's inventory on the
     rock. The intro continues, and the game starts.

Apartment I
  1. Use the key in inventory to open the door & enter
     Ace's apartment.
  2. When you hear a knock on the door, click on the
     projection screen to pull it down.
  3. Click on the door to answer it.
  4. Talk with Shickadance.
  5. When Portable Computer's lights start flashing,
     click the laptop.
  6. Talk with Woodstock; you will be sent to the
     beginning of Nautilus.

  1. Click the entrance hatch to the sub.
  2. Garbage Chute game starts. Use arrow keys
     to help Ace swim through junk; be sure to
     pick up air tanks when you can.
  3. When you complete the Garbage Chute game with
     success, you exit into the hallway.
  4. Walk to the right and you will get caught.
  5. Talk with Jacques until he leaves.
  6. Exit the Dining Room to the right.
  7. Pick up fork on floor outside Dining Room.
  8. Walk left; see the door to Jacques' quarters.
  9. Use the fork from inventory on the door.
 10. Click on Loose Papers on the desk on the
     left of the room.
 11. Click on Loose Papers again to collect maps.
 12. Open the right cabinet door.
 13. Take the key.
 14. Take the wad of cash.
 15. Turn over the sail fish on the wall; take
     note of the ID and Password.
 16. Click the blue conch shell.
 17. Click on the old book on the desk.
 18. Click on pages to get the Periscope code.
 19. Exit back to Jacques' quarters.
 20. Pick up the oyster shell on the bed.
 21. Click on the bed to move it.
 22. Use blue shell from inventory and place on
     the indention in the wall.
 23. Click on the open doorway.
 24. Click again to push Spike in.
 25. Enter the doorway into Nemo's quarters.
 26. Click on the closet to open it.
 27. Click the cloak on the floor to collect it.
 28. Click on the wall chart.
 29. Click on island to have Ace use the compass.
 30. Click on pen, click on 50 degrees longitude,
     and then click on longitude entry on paper.
     Ace records the entry.
 31. Click on pen, click on 50 degrees latitude,
     and then click on latitude entry on paper.
     Ace records the entry.
 32. Click on the completed paper to collect it.
 33. Exit back to Nemo's.
 34. Exit back to Jacques' quarters.
 35. Exit back to the hallway.
 36. Click on hatch cover to goto the Whale tank.
 37. Click on Control Platform to go up there. 
 38. Use key from inventory on keyhole by lever.
 39. Pull lever; Ace jumps down from the platform. 
 40. Click on the baby whale.
 41. Click on whale 2 times; it swims over to Ace.
 42. Click button on the back of the whale's back
     to turn it on.
 43. Click on the ladder to go to the hallway.
 44. Click on the ladder to go to the bridge.
 45. Click on Ace to open the inventory.
 46. Use the Master of Disguise (glasses) on Ace.
 47. Click the Navigation Table to walk to it.
 48. Solve slider puzzle. Move the pieces clockwise.
 49. When 5 pieces match, pull map from inventory
     and place it on the bottom right empty spot.
 50. Click longtitude-latitude paper from inventory,
     then use on the map.
 51. Roll out the overlay by clicking on it.
 52. Click on the pen to draw the line. 
 53. Walk to the Sonar Station.
 54. Click the Release button.
 55. Use arrow keys to keep the whale in the middle
     until you see the island.
 56. Exit to the bridge.
 57. Click the periscope. Ace jumps on the platform.
 58. Click right button on platform to use periscope.
 59. Flash code (Long-Short-Long) to release octopus.
 60. When Ace returns to the bridge, click the spiral
     staircase (a way out).
 61. Hop across the whales to get to pier. Use left
     arrow to jump. When the whale to the left of Ace
     is slightly higher than whale Ace is on, jump.
 62. Ace is back at his apartment.

Apartment after Nautilus
  1. Use the key in inventory to open the door. If a
     bouncer is at door, use the Master of Disguise-
     Pizza on him, or give him money to rid.
  2. Enter the apartment.
  3. Answer the door when Shickadance knocks.
  4. Enter the bathroom on the right. (Note: If the
     bouncer was in the hallway, skip steps # 5-18.)
  5. Click on the tub faucets to fill the bathtub.
  6. Exit the bathroom.
  7. Click on the answering machine; discover there
     is no power.
  8. Grab note on the wall.
  9. Click on cabinet until you can collect the gloves.
 10. Walk over to TV cable; click on it to collect it.
 11. Connect the cable to the fusebox.
 12. Take the other end of cable in to the bathroom
     and put it in the tub.
 13. Go back to the kitchen.
 14. Click on the tank cover to uncover the fishtank.
 15. Click on the tank to pick it up.
 16. Take tank into bathroom and put it on the stool.
 17. Open the inventory and put on the rubber gloves.
 18. Pick up the eels and put them in the tub.
 19. Exit to the kitchen.
 20. Click on portable computer; listen to Woodstock.
     Time to go to Alaska!

  1. Click on the hole in the ice.
  2. Click on the Eskimo.
  3. Talk to Eskimo; he will take Ace to his leader.
  4. Click on Elder's igloo (the one on the right).
  5. Talk with Oosik and Elder until you move over
     to the fire.
  6. Talk with Oosik at the fire.
  7. Choose the maidens; when Ace returns, you'll
     automatically go to the Totem Pole game.
  8. Click on pieces to construct a woman from the
     bottom to the top.
  9. Ace will return to the fire; then Ace, Oosik, and
     the Elder go to the Husky  kennels.
 10. Click on the #DCDC00 snow.
 11. Talk with Oosik; she'll uncover the Artic Avenger.
 12. Click on Snowmobile; Oosik will give you the coat.
 13. Use the arrow keys to maneuver the snowmobile to
     the Deserted Camp. (Go left, right, right, right,
     left, right, right, right.)
 14. Click on mound 1.
 15. Click on the bone to collect it.
 16. Click on mound 2.
 17. Take the twinkie.
 18. Click on mound 3 for fun.
 19. Exit back to the Snowmobile ride.
 20. Use arrow keys to maneuver to Satellite Dish.
     (Go right, right, right, left, right).
 21. Use the twinkie on the panel cover.
 22. Take the screwdriver.
 23. Click on the panel to see the schematic, note
     the color and diagrams.
 24. Exit back to the Snowmobile ride.
 25. Use arrow keys to maneuver to the Spy Camp.
     (Go left, 2nd right, right, left.)
 26. Click on soldiers in the distance times.
 27. Click on the snow to Ace's right.
 28. Use Master of Disguise to slide down the ramp.
 29. When you are in the interior of the Spy Camp,
     click on the gas can.
 30. Talk with the soldiers.
 31. Uncover the Monster Snowmobile.
 32. Hop on snowmobile to exit to Snowmobile ride.
 33. Use the arrow keys to maneuver to the Shed.
     (Go right, left, left, right.)
 34. Click on the hatchet to use it on the door.
 35. Enter the Shed.
 36. Click on wastebasket to collect the piece of
     paper, you will need it later.
 37. Click on the bed for fun.
 38. Click on the small rug to reveal the button.
 39. Click on the button.
 40. Enter the elevator.
 41. Use up arrow key to get through the Flame Throw.
     Timing & recognizing the pattern is key, keep
     moving, & pause for a second for the last jump.
 42. Pull handle to turn off the gas jets, & then
     move forward through the door.
 43. Move along the catwalk to the last and highest
     door on the second level, and click on the door.
     Use the ladder on the left.
 44. Use bone from inventory on dog to right of door.
 45. Walk across room. Push green button to open door.
 46. Click on computer on the left side of the room.
 47. Enter password from paper in inventory. (Press)
 48. Use the menu to disable extraction security.
 49. Use the menu to disable control box security.
 50. Use menu to enable the elevator backup power.
 51. Logout.
 52. Go to the cabinet and click on it to open it.
 53. Move Ace out of the way.
 54. Click on the cans to move them.
 55. Move Ace out of the way.
 56. Pick up the crowbar.
 57. Go back to the right side of the room, and use
     crowbar on the power panel.
 58. Click on the panel to get a closeup view.
 59. Use the buttons to disable the prods (click red,
     then blue, then pull the lever).
 60. Go back to the panel closeup.
 61. Use the buttons to open the Husky doors (click
     red, then green, then pull lever).
 62. Walk to the Husky cages.
 63. Click on the cages to free the Huskies.
 64. Exit the room back onto the catwalk.
 65. Go down the ladder and enter first door, goto
     the Extraction factory.
 66. Click on the fence to open it.
 67. Click on the handle to stop the machines.
 68. Click on the seal pen door to free the seals.
 69. Exit to the catwalk.
 70. Goto door that is the on the far right & enter
     the Warehouse.
 71. Click on the hot tub.
 72. Click on the barrels on the left.
 73. Use the crowbar on the barrels.
 74. Click on the tub to start the party.
 75. Exit to the Flame Throw.
 76. Exit to the elevator, then to the shed.
 77. Exit to the outside of the Shed.
 78. Go back to the apartment.

Apartment after Alaska
  1. If bouncer is outside of Ace's door, use money to
     get rid of the bouncer.
  2. Use the key to enter the apartment.
  3. Answer the door when Shickadance knocks.
  4. Talk with Shickadance.
  5. Click the Portable Computer.
  6. Click icon on the far left on bottom of page.
  7. Click on icon labeled Sea Spray (New) and drag
     it to the X on the right.
  8. Repeat steps 7 & 8 for each of the icons until
     the X has transformed all 4 corners of its icon.
  9. Enter an id (Jacques) and a password (Nemo).
 10. Order the seal oil
 11. Order the Baby Whale Blubber Gel.
 12. Click on the Special Offer.
 13. Click Place Order; continue clicking Place Order
     until you're done with web page.
 14. Answer the door when Vanella Sundae knocks.
 15. Talk with Vanella - you will be sent to Bavaria.

  1. Vanella escorts Ace to the Product room.
  2. Pick up the white Access card on the floor.
  3. Unlatch the window.
  4. Listen to Phatteus Lardus.
  5. Click on the door to follow Phatteus on his tour.
  6. In Comm. room, click on panel to annoy Phatteus.
  7. Walk to left, enter the Lab; tour will continue.
  8. Follow Phatteus when he leaves.
  9. Follow Phatteus as he continues the tour through
     the Backstage.
 10. Follow Phatteus to the Cavern.
 11. Click on the animals to hear about them.
 12. Refuse Phatteus' offer and get carried off to
     the Guest Room.
 13. Click on the door to try and exit.
 14. Click on the window to exit to the ledges.
 15. Climb up vines to get to the roof. (Go left,
     climb limb past window. Keep climbing until you
     get to the satellite dish on top of the roof.)
 16. Use the coordinates on the paper from inventory
     on the Dish.
 17. Climb down to ledges. (Go right, down the vine,
     then left twice.)
 18. Climb in the window to the product room.
 19. Click on objects in the room to hear about them.
 20. Exit the product room through the doors.
 21. Walk to the head of the stairs.
 22. Click on the stairs to go down them.
 23. Pull axe on armor to open secret bookcase door.
 24. Enter through the door.
 25. Goto Patch bay & click to see a close-up view.
 26. Solve Patch Bay puzzle. Work from left to right.
 27. Exit back to the Communications room.
 28. Walk to the Lab; use Access card to enter.
     Vanella captures Ace.
 29. Click on the mirror and Spike will free Ace.
 30. Walk past the cages and exit to Backstage.
 31. Goto the far right and click on the doorway to
     peek into the Cavern.
 32. Click on the Costume to put it on.
 33. Enter Cavern in the Costume; the opera starts.
 34. Play the fight scene with Vanella.
 35. Defeat Vanella or be knocked out by Vanella.
     Use sandbag, & it helps if you're nice to Spike.
 36. Pull handle on stage right to open the cages.
 37. Play Laser Dodge game; use the right and left
     arrows to move from column to column. Press
     down arrow to hide behind the column.
 38. Press Enter to taunt Phatteus and get him to
     destroy the columns.
 39. Exit the Cavern with the animals.
 40. Finale!

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