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Army Men: World War

Cheat mode:
Type "!throw me a frickin bone here" during game play to 
enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following 
codes during game play to activate the corresponding 
cheat function. 

Effect                                          Code 
Mission skip                                    !cut to the chase  
Debug mode                                      !rate me  
Mission failed                                  !the meek  
Disable tan AI                                  !oh behave  
Enable tan AI                                   !mojo  
Unit receives three bombing airstrikes          !heavenly glory 
Unit receives three napalm airstrikes           !this one goes to eleven  
Unit receives three recons                      !peep show  
Unit receives three paratroopers                !johnny ricco  
Unit receives nine blue disguises               !i woke up this morning  
Unit receives nine gray disguises               !incognito  
Unit receives nine tan disguises                !no sunblock  
Unit receives flak jacket                       !whistle and flute  
Unit receives unlimited ammo sniper rifle       !yippee!!! 
Unit receives unlimited air attack              !roody-pooh  
Unit receives unlimited plastic mending kit     !florence 
Unlimited bazooka                               !i like to keep this handy  
Unlimited flamethrower                          !patty melt  
Unlimited grenades                              !you want some  
Vulcan machine gun                              !hello neo  
Minesweeper                                     !i got two words for ya...  
30 mines                                        !sprinkles  
Unit on fire                                    !disco inferno  
Extinguishes fire                               !disco is dead  
Large explosion                                 !italian job  
Teleport unit to pointer location               !door  
Faster soldiers                                 !pump me up  
Kill selected units                             !time for bed  
Random item/effect1                             !mona lisa  
Remove disguises                                !let me down  
Display programmer message                      !when all else fails...  
Display programmer message                      !vic fontaine  
Invincibility for all units                     !captain scarlet  
Invincibility disabled                          !only human  
Small gun (use unknown) in item box             !here's a lockpick...  
Small gun (use unknown) in item box             !penny  

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