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Age of Empires 3

Cheat mode:
Press [Enter] to display the chat window and type one of
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Code                                    Effect
X marks the spot                        Reveals map 
Medium Rare Please                      Stocks 10000 food 
Give me liberty or give me coin         Stocks 10000 coin 
Nova & Orion                            Stocks 10000 XP 
<censored>                              Stocks 10000 wood 
A recent study indicated that           All animals on map are fattened 
100% of herdables are obese
speed always wins                       Building rate doubled 
Sooo Good                               Random saying when killed by infantry 
this is too hard                        Clears current map in single player 
tuck tuck tuck                          Stocks monster truck in retail version
Ya gotta make do with what ya got       Spawns Mediocre Bombard at
                                        Home City gather point 

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