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Age of Empires

To enable these codes, enter talk mode and type in the desired cheat.

Actions:                Results:

 DIEDIEDIE         -->   Kill Everyone
 RESIGN            -->   Give Up
 REVEAL MAP        -->   Reveal Entire Map
 PEPPERONI PIZZA   -->   Acquire 1000 Food
 COINAGE           -->   Acquire 1000 Gold
 WOODSTOCK         -->   Acquire 1000 Wood
 QUARRY            -->   Acquire 1000 Stone
 NO FOG            -->   Remove Fog of War
 HARI KARI         -->   Commit Suicide
 PHOTON MAN        -->   Acquire a Gun-toting Unit
 GAIA              -->   Acquire Power Over Nature (Planet Player) 
 FLYING DUTCHMAN   -->   Turn Juggernaughts into Flying Dutchmen
 MEDUSA            -->   Transform Villagers into Medusas

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