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Easy Money:

Type $@! to get 10 million pennies. Don't do this more than five
times, or the Death Star will attack. 

Hell Bunny:

Type SAMNMAX while playing for a special disaster -- the Hell

Secret Building:

Go to Hell and switch the view to North (up). Now go into some
corner you aren't using and build a square road that surrounds an
empty 7X7 area. Switch the time mode to Divine Intervention.

Starting in the northmost corner and working your way down to the
right, lay out colors in the pattern below. B = blue, BR = brown,
O = orange, G = green, P = purple, Y = yellow, and R = red. 

    G  Y  O  BR P  R  B
    Y  O  BR P  R  B  G
    O  BR P  R  B  G  Y
    BR P  R  B  G  Y  O
    P  R  B  G  Y  O  BR
    R  B  G  Y  O  BR P
    B  G  Y  O  BR P  R
Now resume normal time and a hidden building should appear. Read
the text. It's the secret building from the designer. 

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