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Advent Rising

Cheat mode:
Press "Tab" to display the console window at the bottom of the screen,
then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding
cheat function.

Effect                              Code
God mode                            God
All skills set to 5                 BadAss
One-hit kills                       Invincible
Unlimited ammo/power                UseAmmo
Move to crosshair                   Teleport
Kill yourself                       Suicide
Freeze all non-player objects       PlayersOnly
Spawn H.A.Z.E.                      Blaster
Spawn Faust                         Pistol
Spawn XJ9                           XJ9
Spawn Talmage                       Launcher
Spawn Talon                         SeekerPistol
Spawn Acolyte                       PulseGun
Spawn Darkfire                      SeekerXJ9
Spawn Discord                       SeekerMicrowaveGun
Spawn Kaull                         Assault
Spawn Fury                          SeekerLauncher
Spawn Stalker                       Photon
Spawn Stun Gun                      StunGun

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