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Adrenalin Extreme Show

Cheat mode:
Press "Shift + ~" during game play to display the console window. Enter
one of the following codes, then press "Shift + ~" to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                          Code
Break the windows on your vehicle               breakwin
Display value of current "World Timescale"      timescale
Change the "World Timescale"                    timescale <number>
Toggle enemy driver AI                          ai_enable <0/1>
Teleport vehicle to another track location      transport
Toggle unlimited adrenalin for Nitro Boost
and Adrenalin Devices                           givemethepower
Toggle all Adrenalin devices mode               devilsmachine
Enemies enforced                                nightmare
Tracks unlocked                                 keymaster
Invinciibilty                                   elixir
Ignored by enemies                              ghostintheshelter
Toggle maximum speed allowed in speed
limited races                                   lightspeed
1 million gold                                  makemerich
Get indicated amount of gold                    makemerich <number>
1 million gold                                  pl_addmoney
Get indicated amount of gold                    pl_addmoney <number>
Players received or lost some money             robinhood
Toggle sidelights and rear lights               sidelights <0/1>

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