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X2: Wolverine's Revenge

Cheat mode:
Note: This code must be entered with the default keyboard key settings or they 
will not work. Press [Punch] [Senses] [Punch] [Senses] [Punch] [Punch] [Crouch] 
[Senses] at the main menu. The sound of a click will confirm correct code 
entry. Then, press the following [Punch] [Senses] [Punch] [Senses] [Punch] 
[Punch] [Senses] [Crouch]. You will hear two clicks. After the second click, 
the "Level Select" options should now appear instead of the "Continue" option 
at the main menu. Also, a cheat menu that includes an "Invincibility" option 
will appear when game play is paused. This unlocks everything except the 

Note: There are two side effects after using the level select cheat. First, 
stealth attacks no longer give you dog tags, which means you cannot advance to 
a higher strike level. Get all the tags you need before using the cheat. 
Secondly, when you save a game in which the level select code is used, the 
file is now marked with an "X" just before the time and date. 

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