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X-Com: UFO Defense

Level skip:
Press [Ctrl] + C or [Ctrl] + G while in the battlescape screen to complete the 
current level with the results of the previous level. 

Extra money:
Start a new game and build a base. Save it, and exit the game. Open the game 
folder and you should see folders named "GAME_1" to "GAME_10". These are the 
saved game folders. Enter the saved game folder that corresponds to the game 
that you saved. The order of the saves is the same as in the game ("GAME_1" is 
at top, etc.) After you open the folder with your save, make a back up of the 
"LIGLOB.DAT" file. Then, open the original "LIGLOB.DAT" file with a text editor. 
You will see some encrypted data. Press [Enter] so that text jumps to line two 
and line one is clean. Then, enter FF FF 7f in the line one over the encrypted 
data and save the file. Then, start the game, load your saved game, and enter 
your base. You should now have $1,713,399,398. 

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