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Postal 2

Cheat mode:
Press [Shift] + ~ or @ to display the console window. Enter sissy to enable 
cheat mode, then enter one of the following codes at the console window to 
activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                  Code
God mode                                alamode 
All destructive weapons                 packnheat  
Extra ammunition for current weapons    payload  

All weapons, maximum ammunition, 
invincibility                           iamsolame 

Extra doughnuts                         piggytreats  
Extra money                             jewsforjesus  
Extra dog treats                        boyandhisdog  
Extra catnip                            iamtheone  
Extra cats (for silencers)              lotsapussy  
Extra health pipes                      jones  
All radar-related items                 swimwithfishes  
Rocket cameras                          fireinyourhole  
Body armor                              blockmyass  
Gimp suit                               smackdatass  
Police uniform                          iamthelaw  
Full health and 4 medkits               healthful  
Gary Coleman NPC bystander pawns        whatchutalkinbout  
Fanatic NPC bystander pawns             osama  

Guns that use cat silencers now shoot 
cats                                    rockincats 

Disable cat shooting guns               dokkincats  
Toggle ghost mode                       ifeelfree  
Toggle flight mode                      likeabirdy  or  fly  
Disable flight and ghost modes          walk  
Slow motion mode                        slomo  
Disable slow motion mode                slomo 1  

Set errand complete, turns on hate 
player groups                           
                            exec function SetThisErrandComplete(<errand name>)

Set all of indicated day's errands 
complete, turns on hate player groups   
                            function SetThisDaysErrandsComplete(<day number>)

Set all of today's errands as 
complete, turns on hate player groups   SetTodaysErrandsComplete() 

Reset all errands, make hate groups 
not hate anymore                        SetAllErrandsUnComplete() 

Set all errands complete, turns on 
hat player groups                       SetAllErrandsComplete() 

Set the day, all errands before that 
day completed                           SetDay(<day number>)  

Set the day, reload level for that 
day                                     WarpToDay(<day number>) 

Map select                              Goto(<level name>)  
Change player to opposite morality      ChangeDude()  
Reset police and wanted status          ResetCops()  
Play demo indefinitely                  set gamestate demotime 9999  

Toggle all non-player triggered 
animations and actions to stop          playersonly 

Extra dog treats                        boyandhisdog  
Slow motion                             slowmo <0 or 1>
One shot head kills*                    Headshots  
Ricocheting cats when shot*             BoppinCats 
Disable ricocheting cats*               SplodinCats  
Scissors machine gun*                   NowWeDance  

* This code requires the v1137 patch or higher version of the game. 

Enhanced mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Enhanced Mode" option, which 
allows powered-up weapons and more items. 

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