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Pac-Man: Adventures In Time

Cheat mode:
Press [Esc] during game play, then enter one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                      Code 
Display debug info          pacstats  
Extra life                  getalife  
Faster opponents            missionimpossible  
First person view           upcloseandpersona  or  beingpacmanovich  
God mode                    iaintscared  
Large Pac-Man               honeyiblewuppacman  
Level select                showmethemazes  
Level skip                  ineedthepoints  or  ineedanexit  
Lose all lives              killme  
Lose one life               senselesswaste  
No music for one stage      plankton  
Slow motion                 steveaustin  
Small Pac-Man               honeyishrunkpacman  
Mrs. Pac-Man*               imabitch  
Unlimited lives             ihavenohonour  

* This code only works with v1.0 of the game. 

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