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Cheat mode:
Hold [F12] and press one of the following keys during game play to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                      Key 
Restore health              [F1] 
Shield                      [F2] 
Weapons and ammunition      [F3] 
Win game                    [F4] 
Fuel                        [F5] 

All items and health:
Find one of the mountains on level 1 and jump to the top. Then, jump as high as 
possible. At this time 100% health, all weapons, 999 items, a full jet pack, and 
shield will become available. Alternately, ride on a Pterosaur as high as 

When on top of a mountain or hill jump on top of a T Rex. When you are on top of 
it, double jump to get a shield. 

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