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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Nude mode:
Successfully complete the game, then buy the "Everybody Naked!" secret from 
at the bar for 269 Secret Tokens. The "Nude mode" option can now be toggled 
in the "Extras" section of the bonus options menu. 

Secrets for sale:
Go through the large gold doors to "Nice Street" (near the Swingles Van). 
Go to the far right of the doors and you will see a man in a green mohawk. 
Talk to him and he will offer to sell you the following extra bonus options.

Bonus Art 2 (miscellaneous loading screens, etc.)
Loading Screen 2 (naughtier loading screens for Zana Luba and Harriet)
Naughty 1 (makes Switch Ione, Analisa, and Elle May wear bikinis instead of 
their normal attire) 

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