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Battlefield-only display:
Press [Ctrl] + H during game play.

Cheat mode:
Press [Ctrl] + [F1] at the main screen to display the cheat prompt. Enter one 
of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
function. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Effect                                                      Code 
Press [Ctrl] + P to display all objects on radar.           Horny Elk Leer
Press [Ctrl] + F to instantly kill target                   Rotted Drop 
Press [Ctrl] + B to teleport near selected waypoint         Half Libel 
Press [Ctrl] + Z for full weapons*                          Brass Clue 
Press [Ctrl] + I for invincible mech, tower, buildings      Had A Nude On 
Press [Ctrl] + X for an ion strike                          Oh No! Less Japan
Press [Ctrl] + K to remove displays**                       A Mere Fart 
Sarge with Irish accent in training missions                O'Sarge 
Play recording session outtakes                             Dunk It Here  
Single player mission select                                Redtop Trod  
View ending sequence                                        Chaste Coed  
Press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + Right Mouse Button for screenshot  A Scramble On 
Programmer's faces appear on Mt. Rushmore on level 1-5      Mother Mourn Us 
Level select                                                Range Goes Gory  
View programmers***                                         Swiss Throat  

*   This code cannot be enabled while in the weapon tower.
**  This removes the radar, enemy shield and energy, and shield and energy 
*** The Citadel building in level 2-6 will transform into 7th Level 
    Headquarters. Enter and press [Tab] to view the programmers. 

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