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Fly any plane:
Go to the mission builder, and create a mission. Click on "Add plane" if 
there is not already one on the runway. Then, right click on the plane icon. 
Change the aircraft type from the normal F-15E to any plane in the game 
(Su-27, MiG-29, 707, etc.) Note: The plane that is selected will still look 
like the F-15E on the inside. Press [F8] to switch to the outside view to 
see the aircraft. Additionally, the plane will still perform like the F-15E, 
allowing you to do barrel rolls and loops in a 707,

Go to make your own mission. Your aircraft should be listed. Delete what it 
says is you. From here, click "Add Aircraft". Select what you want to fly 
from the list. Select any other information and then click the "Computer 
Controlled" box to change it to "Human Controlled" if it already is not 
listed as such. Add what you want , save it, and fly it in the missions menu.

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