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Earthworm Jim 3D

Earthworm Kim:
Collect 1000 marbles and successfully complete the game with a Smart Superhero 
rank to unlock Earthworm Kim. The difficulty of the game will increase when 
played as Earthworm Kim. 

Go to the Fear part of the Brain and enter the door on the right of the 
Sacred Cow Of Contemplation. In this room is the way to the levels 
Poultryguyst and Poulrtyguyst 2. You should see a door blocked by a metal 
gate. If you have all 1000 marbles and have beaten Earthworm Kim, the gate 
will open. Walk through it and the game will automatically reset. When you 
start the game again, Earthworm Jim usually hops around playing the 
accordion -- this time Kim will be the playing it and will soon be smashed 
by a cow. Press any button to get to the file select screen. You should now 
have a fourth file as Earthworm Kim. 

Unlimited lives:
Go outside the entrance to "Hungry Tonight?" Collect the Power Parp Tin from 
Snott and use it to collect the nearby extra life. Enter "Hungry Tonight?" 
and immediately exit. Talk to Snott again to get another Power Parp Tin, 
then collect the extra life again. Repeat this to get as many extra lives 
as needed. 

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