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Crusader: No Remorse

Ammunition refill:
Press [Ctrl] + D to drop a gun, then pick it up again. The current clip will 
be refilled. 

Level select:
Start the game with the -warp (level number 1-15) command line parameter. 

Difficulty select:
Start the game with the -skill (skill level 1-4) command line parameter. 

Start game play in the bonus room:
Start the game with the -egg 250 command line parameter. 

Cheat mode:
Type jassica16 during game play. A voice will speak to confirm correct code 
entry. The following cheat mode features may now be activated.

Effect                              Code 

Full weapons, health, and energy    [F10]  
Glide across floor and quick spin   [F10] + [Up], [Down], [Left], or [Right]
God mode                            [Ctrl] + [F10]  
Hack mover mode*                    H  
Display framework                   F  
Display current location            [Ctrl] + C  
Toggle CD transfer display          [Ctrl] + Q  
Miscellaneous information           [Ctrl] + V  
Display grid                        [F7] 
Display grid 2                      [Alt] + [F7]  
Display grid 3                      [Ctrl] + [F7]  
Toggle enabled codes on and off     ~

* Hold [Shift] and use the mouse to move objects.

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