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Close Combat 3: The Russian Front

Super soldiers:
There are two super soldiers in the game, one for the Germans and one for the 
Soviets. The are not available in campaign or create-a-scenario modes. When 
selecting a unit as a major in battle or operation, go to "Command" then 
select "Elite" to find them. Their names are Sgt. Steiner (German) and Private 
Ivan (Soviet). It is easy to get medals with these men, but do not abuse them 
as they can die. Their abilities include:

Super weapons: Their weapons are much stronger than standard issue (such as a 
small flamethrower that can take out a Tiger I) 

Nearly unlimited ammunition: 90000 rounds for their rifles and machine guns 
and 500 for the flamethrower. 

Armor: Can withstand a lot more than a normal troop. 

Speed: They run fast as a halftrack and shoot quickly. 

Recovery: If they are stunned unconscious they recover in seconds. 

Costs: Pvt. Ivan (105) and Sgt. Steiner (195) 

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