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Carnivores: Ice Age

Cheat mode:
Enter debugup during play to enable cheat mode. Coordinates will appear in the 
top right hand corner of the screen to confirm correct code entry. Dinosaurs 
will how ignore your character until they are shot and you will have unlimited 
bullets and arrows for each weapon. . Additionally, enter one of the following 
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                  Code
Run faster              [Ctrl]  
Slow motion             [Shift] + S  
Super jumps             [Ctrl] + N  
Flight mode             [Shift] + L  
Remove trees            [Shift] + M  
View frame rate         [Shift] + T  
Full map                [Tab] 
Increase View Range     [Shift] + ]  
Decrease View Range     [Shift] + [  
Phong Mapping           [Shift] + P  
More Trees              [Shift] + I  
Straight Trees          [Shift] + U  
Env. Mapping            [Shift] + E  
Clouds shadows off      [Shift] + C  
V. Fog                  [Shift] + F  
Gourard Mapping         [Shift] + G  

Play as Yeti:
Get over 1,000 points during game play. 

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