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Blair Witch Project Vol 2: Coffin Rock

Hit F10 and enter the following cheats: 

Code - Result 
godgames - God Mode 
winblows - All Weapons 
autoaim - Auto-Aim Weapons 
skeletonkey - Get Skeleton Key 
moreammo - Get More Ammo 
goremode - Gratuitous Dismemberment 

The forest noises tape recorder settings are: 

Bass 5
Treb 3
Freq 2
Pitch 5

The Mary Brown tape recorder settings are: 

Bass 1
Treb 4
Freq 2
Pitch 3

Easter Eggs

Doc Freshens Up
Upon awakening from her nightmare on Day 2, Doc goes into the bathroom 
to reflect on the dream and its meaning. She goes back into her room 
and you regain control. Return to the bathroom, stand in front of the 
bathtub and after 8 clicks of the action button and hearing her say 
"I've got no time for a bath right now", she'll decide that she could 
stand to freshen up a little. 

Coyote Ugly
Having both nickels in your inventory, (one from the hotel office, the 
other from the machine in front of the grocery store) go into the 
diner. Stand in front of the juke box and deposit one of your nickels. 
Then go and give the other nickel to Gretchen, our favorite waitress. 
She'll then give you her impression of the movie "Coyote Ugly". This 
can be done with our without the Sheriff in the diner but gives meaning 
to his comment "Whats wrong with you lady?" I don't think that this 
can be done on Day 4 in the game. 

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