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101st Airborne in Normandy

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the 
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                      Code 

Soldiers jump again into Normandy           AirNormandy  
Food given to soldiers                      AngryManDinners  

View all Germans, equipment bags, 
and building interiors                      Iknow 

Current soldier surrenders                  TraitorTraitor  
No parachutes                               PrisonPod  
All soldiers on the map available           Weasel  
Kill all Germans on map                     YouGoSquishNow or Helllive  
All Germans on map surrender                Ihaveyounow  
Kill all cows on map                        Beef  
Disable "View all Germans´┐Ż" code.           Heknows 
Berserk solidiers                           Robocop3  

GI given new MG-42 with two belts 
of ammo                                     Hohoho 

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