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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Collect the wallet in the garbage in Eddy's office. Exit the building and collect the wallet on the sidewalk. Re-enter the building and collect another wallet from the garbage. Repeat this process to collect up to nine wallets.
Level passwords (cartridge version):
Status Password Most items LLHHHHHH-ODHHOH-HHHHHHGZ All items except hole LLHHHHHH-DHH3HH-HHHHHHD9 All items except dynamite LLHHHHHH-HHHHHH-HHHHHH3B
Level passwords: (Famicom disk version):
Level Password 2 SZWS 3 ZS2S 4 ZZPS 5 SW3S 6 SXES 7 ZW4S 8 ZX9S 9 WSRS 10 WZFS 11 XSJS 12 XZKS 13 WWMS 14 WXCS 15 XWAS 16 XXOS 17 S2SZ 18 STWZ 19 Z22Z 20 ZTPZ

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