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Super Mario Brothers 3

28 P-Wings:
Complete the game, then press Start at the ending screen.
The next game will begin with 28 P-Wings per brother.

Magical Whistle in Level 3: (Submitted by: Michael)
In Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES, in level 3 of World 1 there is a way to 
get a magical whistle that will transport you to another land. To get 
this whistle follow these steps:
   1. Jump on the first turtle guy, grab him (by holding the b button 
      and walking into him) and walk forward until you see the 
      boomerang thrower, then kick the turtle at him (by releasing the 
      b button).
   2. Proceed forward until you come to two musical boxes and a series 
      of blocks. Two of these blocks will be question mark boxes. On 
      the highest row of blocks there will be a turtle pacing. Jump onto 
      the turtle, then kick it toward the musical box on top of the 
      blocks (all you have to do is run into him from the right side). 
      The question mark box to the left will have no blocks below it, 
      but two blocks on top of it. If this is the case, then jump up 
      while you are standing just to the right of this question mark box 
      and a red musical box will appear. Jump onto this box and while 
      hopping on it, jump and it whill shoot you up into the clouds. 
      There will be coins up there and the screen will move, so be sure 
      to collect all of the coins. When you get to the pipe, the screen 
      will stop moving. You then go down the pipe and prepare to go 
      backwards through the level. Start going to the left once you hit 
      the ground.(You will be going backwards through the level, towards 
      the start of the level.) You will have to dodge and jump over things 
      until you get to the white block. Look at the scenery as you go back 
      through the level first you will see a blue rectangle, then a red 
      rectangle, then a green rectangle, with another blue rectangle on 
      top of it, then just to the left of those, a white rectangle. This 
      white rectangle is your desired location. Jump onto it and get rid 
      of the turtle that is pacing on top of it. Then press and hold the 
      down button until you drop down behind the scenery. Once you are 
      behind the scenery, run to the right, the correct direction, and 
      run to the end of the level. You still must dodge any creatures 
      still in the scenery however, because they can still hurt you. When 
      you get to the end of the level, just keep running, but don't jump. 
      If you do it correctly, then you will go to a room where tad is, 
      and he is waiting for you with a treasure chest. Walk up to the 
      treasure chest and claim your prize by pressing b in front of it. 
      You will then obtain a magical flute that will transport you to a 
      far away land.

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