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Jimmy Connor's Tennis

Enter one of the follow passwords to start at various tournaments later in the game.
DM*X T[Ball]*W BWB2 *7BQ *VTZ *Q*P *P*T *T*M *WMZ
FZ*W v[Ball]*W BWBH B7BV *6*8 *2*[Ball] *[Ball]*5 *[Ball]*T *W3T
[Ball]*B1 VRBW B2B3 WKCV *6*C B2*[Ball] *[Ball]*o *[Ball]*T *597
1*B6 VXV9 VDVC X5DV **BC B2*[Ball] *[Ball]*F B[Ball]*T *WFC
2*B6 B6V7 WWW3 DCF[Ball] TNBC BBB7 *7*F B7*3 *M2[Ball]

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