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The Guardian Legend

Action sequences only:
Enter TGL followed by spaces as a password. All adventure sequences will be skipped. Sound test:
Hold A + B and reset the NES. Press Left or Right to select a sound, Up to play, and Down to stop. Display game text:
Complete the first action sequence and enter the first labyrinth room. Hold Select + B to display all text in the game, starting with the introduction.
Level Password 1 BcvH a8EH 7QRE Z2RF ARwF SARS bIEA AiMB 3 flLQ AVgP 3J6N 5UvO pNGL wADU xtEN 2hjJ 6-7 AyxW eeh? ANG8 eCGi xMf? CgYA G4R! jm2e 8 AE8s gBot 1f8R Kd2I Nm9T 8ETe aR4! KoZI 9 073z !lN4 dLaZ g1gK jfb0 Xpur Y5e7 bD?B

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