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In-game reset:
Press Select + Start + A + B. Double supplies:
Begin a game in two player mode and intentionally allow player two to die. Move player one over the icon that represents player two's supplies to collect them. Escape stun square:
Press Start to pause the game. Resume game play and jump off the square to avoid damage. Continue game play:
Begin game play in two-player mode. Quickly press Start when losing a life, while the other player still is playing to rejoin the game with another character. Clue rooms:
Clues can be found in rooms 16, 26, 46, 54, 66, 70, 81, and 90. To pass Merlin, collect all of them.
Status Thor Thyra Merlin Questor 50% complete RX BC3 SY9 C3 NRF TTU GW UTL DST WI 77F TA1 ISS NR7 LGT NLS Room 79 43C BBI HZZ 43C BBI HYZ 43C BBI HZY 43C BBI HYY Note: Use XRTW98Y7 as a password for the final room, if any of the Room 79 passwords are used.

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