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Double Dragon 2: The Revenge

Extra lives:
Select two-player B mode and begin game play. Keep defeating player two to gain up to seven extra lives. Continue game play:
Quickly enter one of the following codes at the game over screen after completing the indicated level. A "Continue/Start" option will appear. Press Start on controller one to continue the game at the end of the last level played.
Levels 1 to 3
Press Up, Right, Down, Left, A.
Levels 4 to 6
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A(2).
Levels 7 to 9
Press A(2), B(2), Down, Up, Right, Left on controller two.
Playing level 4:
Pause game play and wait several seconds when the door on the helicopter opens. The door will close when game play resumes. Playing level 9:
Level 9 only appears if the game is played under the "Supreme Master" difficulty level.

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