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Bases Loaded

World series passwords:
Enter the following passwords to begin the season one game away from the eighty game World Series. Team Password Boston LFBDJHE Kansas PNCBNHD New York PFDAJHH Utah LNBCJPD Philadelphia LFDBJHE Hawaii LNADJPD Washington PFACNHK Omaha LNDAJPD Jersey LFADNHH Texas LNCBJPD Miami PFCANHK Los Angeles PFBCNPD
Pennant game passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to begin game play with the corresponding pennant game. Game Password New York vs. Boston CHXAACC Philadelphia vs. New Jersey EBDBAAJ New Jersey vs. New York JAELECO Championship game DNBHJGH
Starting a fight:
Wait until the game passes the third inning and the third or fourth batter in the lineup is at bat. Hit several batters until a fight begins. Stop player from being thrown out:
Repeatedly tap B as one of your players are about to be thrown out of the game for fighting. The next player will step into the batter's box and game play will continue.

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