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Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle

Fight as Jyazu and Shin Shishioh:

Highlight Mezu at the team selection screen. Highlight the following 
characters in order: Mezu, Kim, Rosa, Gozu. From Gozu, circle the 
character selection screen once by highlighting the following 
characters in order: Rosa, Kim, Mezu, Gordon, Joker, Eagle, Hayate, 
Chung, Kage Shishioh, Gozu. Press D. Jyazu will laugh to confirm 
correct code entry. Jyazu will be selectable above Gozu. Shin 
Shishioh will be selectable above Kage Shishioh. Note: Activating this 
code will disable memory card saves, high score names, story mode 
ending, and tag partners. 

Bonus matches:

Use the following pairs of characters to reach a bonus match after 
defeating Jyazu. Hayate and Eagle; Kage Shishioh and Gozu; Gordon and 
Rosa; Kage Shishioh and Mezu. 

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