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Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

Fight as Geese:
Quickly press Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right, 
Up/Right, Up, Up/Left, Left, then hold Up/Left and 
press A, B, C. A voice will confirm correct code entry. 

Fight as Shadow/EX fighter:
Enter the character selection screen. Highlight Andy, 
Billy, Tung, or Mary, hold Start, and press B(2), C(2). 
While continuing to hold Start, hold B, pause one second, 
and hold C. While continuing to hold Start + B + C, 
press A or D to select the Shadow version of the character. 
Pressing A or D will select a different color. 

Fight against Geese:
After Kausar, Geese will appear as the last fighter to 
face you. This is possible only if you have a score of 
1,000,000 or more after defeating Kausar. 

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