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Top Gear Rally

Access All Cars:

 To access all cars, select Arcade  Mode & press A, Left, Left, C-Down,
 A, Right, Z. 

Access All Tracks:

 To access all tracks, select Arcade Mode & press A, Left, Left, Right,
 Down, Z. 

Alternate Colors:

 To change the color of  your  vehicle, highlight  any car, then hold L
 and R plus any combination of C buttons.  Different  combinations will
 produce different base colors.  To change them further, press and hold
 UP or DOWN to change the color. 

Chrome Plating:

 Finish the  fifth  year (all  six  seasons, including  Spring, Summer,
 Fall, Winter, Expert and Professional), and a  new  "easter egg"  will
 allow you to change your car  textures  to "mirror."  Simply click the
 lower C-Button when on the car selection screen, and you can race as a
 chromed car. Looks best in replays. 

Earning the Bonus Cars:

 To access the bonus  cars you need to all six seasons (Spring, Summer,
 Fall, Winter, Expert and Professional) for the years shown.

 Finishing the first year grants you the MILK TRUCK.
 After the second year you'll be the proud owner of a HELMET CAR.
 In the third year you earn the CUPRA CAR glowing bow on wheels.
 And last but not least, in the fourth year you gain the BEACHBALL CAR. 

Easter Egg:

 Start the game & hold down all four C-Buttons, & a date will appear on
 the title screen. This is the  official  completion  date for Top Gear

How to Get Unstuck:

 If you get stuck, hold the B button and press UP and DOWN continuously
 on the analog stick. 

Hug the Rail:

 Your car doesn't slow down while  rubbing  fences. You can sucessfully
 zoom around most turns at top speed by carefully running the car up to
 the wall, keep going straight and flooring the accelerator. This works
 the best at the Coastline track. 

Play as a Beach Ball:

 To access the  Beach  Ball  car, press B, B, A, Left, Left, C-Down, A,
 Right at the  Championship  select screen. ** YOU WILL ENTER AND LEAVE
 MENUS WHILE ENTERING THIS CODE. ** After you  have  entered  the code,
 you'll find the Beach Ball on the Car Select menu. 

Play as the Cupra:
 To get the oddly shaped  Cupra  car  without  beating the game, simply
 enter the following code at the  Arcade  screen: C-Down, Up, B, Right,
 THIS CODE. ** After you've  entered  the code you'll find the Cupra on
 the Car Select menu. 

Play as the Helmet Car:

 Go to  Arcade (mode selection screen) and press Up, Up, Z, B, A, Left,
 After entering this code you'll find the Helmet  Car on the Car Select

PlayStation Mode:

 While playing, press B, Left, Right, Up, Left, Z, Right.  This removes
 bi-linear filtering, giving the game a pixelated  look similar to that
 of PlayStation games. 

Rainbow Mode:

 While playing, press C-down, Z, B, Up, Up, Right.  Make  sure you have
 plenty of aspirin on hand´┐Ż 


 At the first corner take the right hand road, NOT THE TUNNEL. The road
 is a much easier and hence faster turn.

 After the first  natural  tunnel you go through you'll find a break in
 the  guardrail  on your right.  Go  though  this  break  and  continue
 straight across a beach (along the water) for this shortcut.

 After you  re-enter  from the beach, turn left, right, left and before
 you finish the next right you'll notice a  break  in the stone wall on
 your left (you should be able  to see a  lighthouse  in front of you).
 Turn through the break and stay to the left on the  grass  so that you
 are running beside a stone wall.  This will lead you to the end of the
 short cut. 


 After you start the race, stay to the  right  hand  side  of the road.
 During the first turn  you'll  see a hut on the right.  Just after the
 hut is a hidden short cut. Hit the brakes and turn right.

 After this shortcut you'll  notice  a  left  turn  sign, followed by a
 right turn sign. You'll then enter a long left hand turn that has many
 left turn  arrows  and has a  stone  wall  on the right.  When you are
 almost finished this turn  you'll  notice  some grass covering part of
 the wall, drive up this onto a grassy  hill.  After you pass the point
 of tree on the hill, turn right and  continue  on the grass, otherwise
 you'll jump straight off the hill and into a wall on the other side of
 the track! 


 After you leave the city you'll see a house  on the right hand side of
 the road.  SLOW  DOWN  and turn onto the  grass  before  the house and
 follow the tire marks. They'll lead you through the short cut. This is
 a difficult short cut.  You  might  want to skip this one until you've
 learned to control the cars better.

 After travelling through a valley, you'll have a choice between a high
 and low road.  Take the low road to your left and put the petal to the
 floor.  The high road has some sharp turns in it, but the load road is
 one long sweeping left handers. 


 Eventually you'll come to a dirt road.  After about  4-5  sharp  turns
 you'll notice a sign high on the  right  hand side of your screen that
 shows you that a "Y"  intersection  is coming up. Turn right, and slow
 down.  Take the a left at the  "Y"  and go down the  "Jacked up Road."
 Careful! If you go to fast you'll definately be in trouble! 


 Soon after you start the race  there will be a fork in the road, go to
 the right and head  straight, soon you will see an open mine shaft, go
 in it and hug the right wall, there will be a  ramp  that you can jump
 off and onto a higher mine shaft.

 When you are about halfway through the strip mine course, you will see
 a house with a  dirt  parking  lot, stay to the right  and you will go
 upon a narrow dirt road with a jump on it, go off the ramp and stay as
 far to the right as you can, you will be on a  road  that  would  have
 been blocked off if you didn't jump over it.  By  taking  those  short
 cuts, you can almost garuntee 1st or 2nd place. 

Strip Mine Track:

 To get the Strip  Mine  Track, place first in every race for the whole
 year (1st season to 6th season.) 

View the Real Credits:

 To see the real credits, go to the  Options  screen, then click on the
 Credits  icon  and  press  Left  (on the D-pad), C-Down, Right (on the
 D-pad), Down (on the D-pad), Z.

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