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Starfox 64

Alternate Mission Paths:

 One of the Star Fox 64's best features is its alternate missions paths.
 Here's how to access them. 


 Score 100  kills or higher in Sector Y to warp to Aquas, the submarine

Area 6:

 When you hit the last leg of the Macbeth  stage, shoot the red pillars
 with  metal  direction  flags on them so they turn green.  Keep a very
 careful eye out for them. (If you went to Zoness before Macbeth,
 Katt will come and help shoot those hard-to-reach switches.)

 At the end, where the  switchboard  light  is, a switch  will  appear.
 Quickly  shoot  it and the track  will move to the right and watch the
 boss crash into the supply depot.  After a nice 50-point  bonus you're
 off to Area 6!

Sector Y:

 In Corneria, when Falco is being  attacked by three ships, help him by
 killing  the ships.  When you get to the  water  part  with  the  rock
 arches, go under every arch.  Then  head  right  into  the  waterfall.
 Falco will guide you to an alternate boss, which, when defeated, leads
 you to Sector Y.

Sector Z:

 In Sector X, keep left at all times. You will  eventually  hit an area
 where you have to quickly  destroy  white  gates to pass through them.
 Destroy the gates and pass through all of them to warp.


 When Bill tells you to  destroy  the 4  hatches, destroy them and then
 destroy the enemy core. 


 Near the end of  Meteo  you will see  rings  made of  sharp  triangles
 pointing inward.  Go through one and you'll jet  forward  in a  barrel
 roll.  Go through all of them  (very tough)  and it will make you fast
 enough to warp. 

Avoid Enemy Radar:

 As in real life, if you fly close to the ground  your  opponents won't
 be able to spot you in their radar.  Fly as close to the ground as you
 can, but watch out for hills and avoid  sharp turns (they tend to clip
 your wings.) 

Different Opening:

 Go to Training mode and start playing.  Pause the  game  and push R to
 turn off your sights.  Now quit training mode. Without reseting, watch
 the  opening  sequence  (the part that  comes  on when you turn on the
 N64 -- not after you start the game.)  What ROB64 and  General  Pepper
 say is not printed and Pepper doesn't say everything he normally does! 

Easy Way to Earn the Meteo Medal:

 Shoot everything you see and try to get 100  kills.  Take the warp and
 while inside shoot everything that you see for an easy 200 kills. 

Expert Mode:

 To unlock the  Expert  Mode  and the sound test Graphic Equalizer, you
 must achieve  medals on all  15  levels.  In order to get a medal on a
 level, you must beat the  stage  with a  specific  number  of hits (or
 more) and all of your  wingmen  alive.  See  "How to Earn Medals"  for

Expert Versus and Training Modes:

 After you've activated expert mode, move the cursor on the main screen
 to "Main Game" then pust left or right to select "Expert." Next choose
 either Versus or Training mode.  Now, all the expert rules apply - you
 take  damage easier  and  one  hit will make you lose a wing!  This is
 handy if are on the ground fighting Arwings in versus! 

Extra Lives on Zoness:

 If you kill 200 or more  enemies on  Zoneth  you'll gain two lives. To
 turn this windfall into  nearly  unlimited  lives, retry the level and
 kill 200 enemies again. You can repeat this as often as needed. 

Hidden 1-Ups:

 There are at least three hidden 1-ups in this game.


 Follow the normal path to the boss.  If you  perform a loop around the
 boss, you'll get a 1-up.

Sector Y:

 Near the end, your team will  gather into a triangle.  If you speed up
 and make it a diamond shape you will get a 1-up.

Venom 2:

 When you're about to face  Andross and you have a choice to go left or
 right on the different forks. On the first fork, turn right (most turn
 left), then turn left, you'll see a one up icon spinning around. 

Homing Bombs:

 To fire a homing  bomb, hold the A button to lock-on to an enemy, then
 press B. 

How to Earn Medals:

 In all the stages there are medals that you can earn if you shoot down
 enough  enemies.  If you're  trying  to  earn  a medal, kill  all your
 wingmen 2 levels ahead so when it comes time for that level, they will
 be at full health. 

Easy Paths

 Corneria: 150
 Meteo: 200
 Fortuna: 50
 Sector X: 150
 Titania: 150
 Boluse: 150
 Venom: 200


 Katina: 150
 Solar: 100
 Macbeth: 150


 Sector Y: 150
 Aquas: 150
 Zoneth: 250
 Sector Z: 100
 Area 6: 300
 Venom 2: 200

Moving Heads:

 At the title screen move the analog stick around.  The  N64  logo will
 move around the screen while the characters watch. 

New Title Screen:

 For a different title screen, earn all the medals in EXPERT mode. 

Play on Foot in Vs. Mode:

 To play on foot in Vs. mode, earn a medal on Venom in Expert mode. 

Play with Tanks in Vs. Mode:

 To get Tanks in Vs. Mode, earn a medal on Venom. 

Playing Tip:

 When you fight  Star Wolf  for the second time on Venom, keep going in
 circles by  staying  low  and left or low and  right.  When you see an
 enemy blast him.  When Star  Wolf is shooting you, do a somersault and
 bank left or right. 

Refuel in Sector Z:

 When you arrive at  Sector Z  and find out that you are low on energy,
 you can fly into the rear hanger of your mothership (the  Great  Fox.)
 You will be treated to a mini cut-scene of your Arwing diving into the
 ship and popping out the other side with your energy  bar replenished. 

Remove Crosshairs:

 Pause the game and press the right shoulder  button (R) to remove your
 crosshairs. Repeat this trick to restore them. 

Secret Star Fox Art:

 Complete the game in Expert  Mode and wait for the end of the credits.
 Depending on whether you went through  Venom  1 or 2, you will get two
 different  pieces  of art.  One is a picture of all the  characters in
 the game's heads, the other is a cool  portrait shot of the  Star  Fox
 team with the word "Great!" 

Shieldless Barrel Roll:

 To  execute a  shieldless  barrel  roll, quickly do three rolls in the
 same direction, then immediately roll the other way.

 If you hold Z while  executing  the  final  roll you can  change  your
 rotation speed and make the roll last a little longer. 

Sideways Loop

 In all-range  mode, if an enemy is  chasing  you, push and hold Z or R
 while pulling the big loop trick after you see the enemy pull in front
 of you. This works very well against the Star Wolf team. 

Train Against Star Wolf

 If you kill 100 ships in training  mode, a Star  Wolf ship will appear
 and try to shoot you down.  This ship will reappear after you kill it,
 so you'll be sure to get plenty of practice. 

Venom 2 Tip

 In Venom 2 when you reach the tunnel of power go right at the 1st fork
 then left at the 2nd fork. Once you follow this road you along the way
 you will receive an extra life.  If you die while  facing  Andross  go
 through this way again and you will get another one. If you keep dying
 keep going this way and you will eventually beat him.

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