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Space Station: Silicon Valley

Alternate Opening:

When you turn on the Nintendo 64, hold A or B. When the DMV man
appears you'll see a different skit depending on which button you

Blast Through the Wall:

In the sewer stage where you get the keycard, get a rat and lay a
mine near the first toxic barrel. Then stay there and when it blows
up, you will blast through the wall and into the king rat's hole. 

Bonus Level:

As you may know, there is a problem in the level, "Fat Bear
Mountan". It is impossable to get the souvenir on this level due to
a manufacturing error. You can see it, but can't get it; you just
walk through it. 

To solve this, go to the starting screen where all the levels to
pick from are (it is in a big circle). When you're there press
Down, Up, Z, L, Down, Left, Z, Down on controller 1. This will give
you the bonus asteroid level that you would get if you were to
collect all of the souvenirs. 

Easiest Way to Beat Jungle Level 2:

After crossing the winding path through the lava, walk straight up
to the switch on the rain machine - you have to be directly in front
of the machine, not to either side. Jump onto the switch, then onto
the machine, then onto the wall that the machine is on. You can now
walk around on top of the wall to get to the parrot (and everywhere
else for that matter), and finish the level as normal, without even
trying to kill the turtle...which is possibly the hardest part of
the whole level. 

Easy Way to Beat Jungle Level 2:

This level is a bit confusing to complete, but with this simple
trick will help.  After crossing  the winding path through the lava,
kill the Elephant with the Heyena.  Possess the Elephant and proceed 
to kill the Turtle Tank and take over it's body.  Ignore the Rain
machine on the right, it is totally useless.  Use the turtle and
launch bombs along the front of the huge firey pit.  In certain
parts the bombs will explode in mid-air.  That is where there is an
invisible bridge.  Continue to fire in front of you to see the
bridge.  Be careful, there are a few turns.  Once you are across
kill the parrot, take it over and fly back to the top of the tree
you started the level on.  There will be the gold medal.  Fly back
to the other tree and enter the teleporter to end the level. 

Get the Souvenir:

A Smashing Start: Get Flossy the crying sheep) to stand behind Dan's
rocket. Now (as the dog) run to the cockpit window and bark until Dan
fires the rockets. Flossy will turn into a gold statue.

Have A Nice Day: After getting the mouse go to the other side of the
lake and roll onto the checkered line in front of the house. A dog
will come out and challenge you to a race if you win the souvenir will

Honeymoon Lagoon: There are blue rings floating all around, go through
all of them and the souvenir will appear in the cove.

The Battery Farm: Kill all of the animals and the souvenir will appear
in the chimney of the house.

The Engine Room: As the dog blow up all 11 computers and the souvenir
will appear in the rat hole.

Fat Bear Mountain: With the mouse switch on all 3 of the levers and
the souvenir will appear on one of the ledges.

Rocky Hard Place: Using a sheep, fly onto the large block that's going
up and down near the springy things' pen. Fly diagonally (to avoid the
wind) across to the platform opposite. Switch the switch on this
platform to 'on'. Now you can jump higher with a springy thing and
collect the gold asteroid near the teleporter.

Stinky Sewers: Eat all of the pieces of rotten meat using a rat.

Rat-o-matic: Place the pink barrels by the barbecue (by the fox
family). Use a rat to blow them up, putting out the flames on the
barbecue. Now use a fox to fly from the ledge opposite onto the top of
the barbecue and collect the souvenir.

Snow Joke: Flip the light switch off and an orange platform will
appear. Grab a rabbit and hop onto the platform. It will carry you to
the souvenir.

Ice 'n' Easy Does It: Kill all 3 walruses with the Heli-rabbit and the
souvenir will appear by the igloo.

Penguin Playpen: Kill all the cool cod in the pool at the beginning.

Pinball Blizard: As King Penguin, visit the six penguins on the level
that aren't part of your army. They each will sing a tune to you,
adding an extra note each time. Play the final tune (6 notes) on the
keyboard and a penguin in a spaceship will drop the souvenir for you.

Hoppa Choppa: Kill all the bunnies.

Something Fishy: As the cool cod, swim (quickly) through all the
six rings in the deeper part of the level.

Jungle Japes: Roll the three boulders by the elephants down the
mountain and into the three ditches.

Jungle Doldrums: As the parrot, fly to the top of the tree the hyena
starts in.

Swamp of Eternal Stench: Go down one of the pipes near the hyenas
and you will see bars blocking your way. Jump out of your animal and
EVO will be able to squeeze through the bars and collect the souvenir.

Weight for It: Use the gorilla to throw rocks through all the
red rings (note: the lifts work together - putting a heavy object on
one can lift a less heavy object on the other)

Jungle Jumps: Jump through all the blue rings.

Fun in the Sun: Kill all the desert foxes.

Hot Cross Buns: Kill all the scorpions and drop them into the
black pit. Now collect all the silver scorpions created.

Sting in the Tail: Kill all the scorpions.

Borassic Park: Using the kangaroo, punch out all of the large dinosaur
skeleton's teeth.

Whirlwind Tour: Kill all the scorpions.

Shifting Sands: Shift the sand until there is a pit in the ground. Go
down the pit and stand on all the mirages as they appear. 

Golden Evo:

On the last stage where you are Evo if you get all 390 of the metal
orbs, instead of Evo being silver he will be gold. If he is gold he
is stronger and more protected than the silver.

Make the Bear Jump:

Be the bear, hold the bear attack button and then press the bear grab
button to make him jump. This code is very useful and it also works on
some other levels. 

Quick Kills with Hyena:

To kill an animal quickly using the hyena, first make the victim laugh.
Before your laughing power runs out, leave the victim there laughing
and let your power regenerate but make sure the animal isn't in the
camera's view or else the animal will quit laughing. Once your power
is full, go back to the dying animal and start laughing again. Keep
doing this until the animal is dead. 

Space Walk:

In Fat Bear Mountain, you can walk in space using the following steps:
(1) Kill pretty much everything in the level; (2) Bring the bear and
the racing dog in front of the entrance to the sheep's dipping pool;
(3) While using the bear, put the racing dog's body in front of the
small cliff; (4) Using bear frenzy, jump on top of the dog and onto
the cliff, which you can easily access with a racing animal; (5)
Become the dog and jump over the ramp, which will put you on the
cliff with the bear; (6) To your left, there is another cliff which
you cannot get up. Put the dog's body right in front of the cliff and
repeat Step (4); (7) When you are up there, walk close to the wall in
a diagonal fashion and soon you will find a wide gap in the wall, and
you will be able to space walk "your way back to Earth." 

Finally, to make sure you are walking, turn around and use the
second-person view. You will see that the area has become smaller,
and you are in the middle of space. 

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