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South Park

All Characters in Multiplayer Mode:

To enable all characters in multiplayer mode, enter the password OMGTKKYB.
That, as any South Park fan will know, stands for "Oh My God, They Killed
Kenny! You Bastards." 

All Weapons:

For all weapons, enter the password FATKNACKER. 

Big Head Mode:

For big head mode enter the password MEGANOGGIN at the Cheat menu. 

Bonus Characters:

To access these characters in multiplayer mode, enter one of the passwords

veggieheaven = Skinny 
cheatingisbad = Mr. Mackey 
elvislives = Bar Brady 
outrage = Big Gay Al 
hawking = Ned 
slapupmeal = Starvin Marvin 
phaert = Phillip 
raft = Terrance 
dorothysfriend = Mr. Garrison 
lovemachine = Chef 
checkataco = Wendy 
fishnchips = Pip 
kickme = Ike 
allwoman = Mrs. Cartman 
goodscience = Mephisto 
staringfrog = Jimbo 
majestic = Alien 


For god mode enter the password ASSMAN. 

Level Select:

To choose your starting level enter the password THEEARTHMOVED. 

Master Cheat:

To unlock all cheats enter the password BOBBYBIRD. 

Pen and Ink Mode:

For Turok's famous "pen and ink" mode, enter the password PLANEARIUM. 

Unlimited Ammo:

For unlimited ammo, enter the password FATTERKNACKER. 

View Credits:

To view the credits, enter the password "screwyouguys". 

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